Unlocking the doors during Lockdown!

Much has been said about balancing the economic trade-offs with the lives the country needs to save versus the social and economic costs of doing so. Less discussed are the trade-offs being made within our Pre-Covid strained public healthcare network that has been aligned for a one sided focus on COVID-19. 

If you have cancer, your treatment is already difficult, laborious, expensive, and stressful even on the best of days. Enter, coronavirus. What now?

This is the difficult question that oncologists, families and patients are all grappling with right now. The problems may sound simple to someone that does not have cancer, but imagine you have cancer and your life saving operation has been cancelled, your therapy has been pushed back, you can't get your medication at the clinics since they closed, your cannot get to big pharmacies due to transport issues and when you get there no one believes you a cancer patient and need assistance. Probably the worst is if you in Umtata and have to get to Charlotte Maxeke in Johannesburg for live saving Head and Neck Radiation therapy on a tumour that is killing you! Imagine that was you!

It's time to literally lift someone else up from a dangerous place where they are now staring death in the face. 

We can help us all through the words of Robert Ingersoll, “We rise by lifting others”!


So, what are we attempting to achieve?

1. A means to identify all cancer patients and give them a tool to ease movement and accessibility to the cancer network as well as the supportive services.

2. A funding program to assist specific people in the identified network to assist them with simple resources and abilities to travel to their therapies. This may be from supplying Masks and Sanitisers, or ensuring they get to their therapies.

3. Giving every cancer patient, cancer patient families and friends, Doctors and Medical support staff,  Medical and Government Authorities, a variable support portal that is the guiding platform for support and services for the future after lockdown.

We truly need your support to make this happen but also understand that your company is under strain during this lockdown period and you also need assistance, so we going to attempt to lift you up too.

Supporting Companies will:

Cancer Heroes will utilise multiple tools across its network to assist you during this time as well by introducing your brand in various ways. 

1. Our simplest thank you is to include your logo onto the sublimated masks that will be produced for the patients and their families. They will be shared amoungst all the Cancer Alliance partners which include 29 other well known cancer foundations. 

2. A virtual booklet will be supplied to all patients and families (and our portals) that will include a short introduction to your organisation and we will include a page for you to present a Covid-19 Special for anyone that reads the booklet. This booklet will then be offered as a marketing tool in 2021 for  minimal subscription only for updated adverts while your story and contact details will remain there till you tell us to remove it.


A study found that less than a quarter of company marketers are using channel-preference data, propensity scores or household compositions and demographics. These pieces of information will reap results, both because of their inherit value and because your competitors likely aren't considering this information. This will surely assist you get a good break after the lockdown! So, here's a valuable offering customised for your organisation. Depending on your contribution, our Data Partner will offer significant discounts on marketing campaign information, for example:

Good (1X): Simple Geo-Demographic extract (Age, Gender, Metropol etc.) - 100,000 contacts for R15,000 normal price in the region of R30,000
Better (2X): More detailed extract (Geo-Demographics, Home Owner, Director etc.) - 100,000 contacts for R30,000 normal price in the region of R75,000
Best (4X): Enhanced variable extract (Geo-Demographics, Detail and advanced variables which can be discussed) - 100,000 contacts for R100,000 normal price in the region of R250,000


 Heres why we need to move right now......