The National Cancer Registry (NCR) of South Africa was established as a pathology-based cancer reporting system. From 2005 to 2007, private health laboratories withheld cancer reports owing to concerns regarding voluntary sharing of patient data. After an in depth investigation it was found that while private healthcare reporting decreased by 28% from 2005 to 2007, this represented an overall cancer reporting net decrease of <4%.

We believe this number to be a multiple of that figure today. In 2019 a lack of skills and motivation in certain sectors has most definitely resulted in the NCR’s integrity being eroded.

Cancer Heroes has utilised various datasets to attempt to unravel the detail behind over 9 000 000 deaths over the past 19 years and have found a definite lack of cause of death determination thus clearly balancing with the lack of cancer data available in South Africa according to regional HDI indexes. 

That personal experience in the field of cancer incidences' and the lack of education and support in the public sector and to a large extend the private sector as well, is the motivation behind the creation of the first Mobile Population Based Cancer Registry for Africa by Cancer Heroes.

You will be part of it but you can choose where you would like to be in the design of something that will truly uplift people across all walks of life in our country!