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We need to remember out there we not seeing or talking to avatars, numbers or masks, we speaking to flesh and blood complex human beings, not just twitter handles, not just photographs, not just two dimensional others on our Facebook groups, mask wielding ginger kids,  smartphones or computer screens, and so we need to stop bathing in frothing rage created around Covid-19 and lockdown, but rather really connect with each other in order to turn off that white noise that is keeping us away from a deserved better world for all and not being stuck on the other side of the fence wishing we were somewhere else.

We can get past that all and help ourselves by helping others, so join the 


What are we doing with this money?

1. Creating a dataset of all cancer patients throughout South Africa and creating direct access to them as well as a portal for them to interact with. 

2. Purchasing PPE for Cancer patients that are moving around and need that little extra to ensure they secure together with their families at home. We also would like to assist in ensuring they able to access therapy and support services.

3. Delivering a Multifaceted Mobile App giving every cancer patient, cancer patient families and friends, Doctors and Medical support staff,  Medical and Government Authorities, a variable support portal that is the guiding platform for improving future support and services after lockdown. 

How do we uplift You?

Cancer Heroes will utilise multiple tools across its network to assist you during this time as well by introducing your brand in various ways. 

1. Our simplest thank you is to include your logo onto the sublimated masks that will be produced for the patients and their families. They will be shared amoungst all the Cancer Alliance partners which include 29 other well known cancer foundations. 

2. A virtual booklet will be supplied to all patients and families (and our portals) that will include a short introduction to your organisation and we will include a page for you to present a Covid-19 Special for anyone that reads the booklet. This booklet will then be offered as a marketing tool in 2021 for  minimal subscription only for updated adverts while your story and contact details will remain there till you tell us to remove it.

3. A study found that less than a quarter of company marketers are using channel-preference data, propensity scores or household compositions and demographics. These pieces of information will reap results, both because of their inherit value and because your competitors likely aren't considering this information. This will surely assist you get a good break after the lockdown! So, here's a valuable offering customised for your organisation. Depending on your contribution, our Data Partner will offer significant discounts on marketing campaign information, for example:

Good (1X): Simple Geo-Demographic extract (Age, Gender, Metropol etc.) - 100,000 contacts for R15,000 normal price in the region of R30,000

Better (2X): More detailed extract (Geo-Demographics, Home Owner, Director etc.) - 100,000 contacts for R30,000 normal price in the region of R75,000

Best (4X): Enhanced variable extract (Geo-Demographics, Detail and advanced variables which can be discussed) - 100,000 contacts for R100,000 normal price in the region of R250,000